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KATHRYN PEAT - Host and Co-Founder of Rethink Retreat

Topic: Self Confidence

Kathryn brings energy, enthusiasm and heart to every social and professional interaction. She is passionate about helping people and holds that at the forefront of her role as Operations Manager with Progress People. Kathryn also brings her passion and particular skill set to the organisation specialising in Personal Brand. She knows that by developing a positive self-image and greater self-confidence, your personal and professional life will flourish. 

Her experience is strongly grounded in customer relationships and management working in varying roles for the past 15 years. Most of her career has been in banking which gave her invaluable experience in financial knowledge, budgets, financial analysis and business management.

"I am so honoured and excited about this retreat in the South Island. I can't wait to share my story and message with our guests and help them to realise that the most beautiful thing they can be is themselves."

COLETTE VAN BOXTEL - Host and Co-Founder of Rethink Retreat

Topic: Strategy Execution

Colette is motivated by connecting with people, encouraging others and supporting women in life and business. Born in Holland but currently living in Christchurch, Colette is the mother of two beautiful boys. Martin, her partner, was recruited from Holland to work for an international company in New Zealand, which is why the family is now living in Christchurch.


She owns a consulting agency HOOVR | Consulting and is a New Zealand Business Mentor. Colette has spent a lot of time in offices being responsible for campaigns, marketing and sales, which gave her invaluable experience in strategy execution and business management. She has worked with well over 500 professionals, executives and business owners across the world.


Physical Wellbeing & Pilates Instructor

Abbey comes from a dance background and movement is in her bones. She loves the challenges and freedom that comes with running a business. She loves to educate, to mentor and help others to reach their potential.

Her studio, Movementor Pilates is a specialised Pilates studio where clients come to learn about movement and understand the best way to get it in their being. Movementor is not about ticking the exercise box, but have a focus on functional, intelligent training to achieve and maintain awareness, balance and control.


"I am so excited to be involved with Rethink (South Island)  as I feel what it offers is unique."


Topic: Discovering your Strengths

Michelle and Julie bring energy and passion to facilitation and coaching, and love to share resources and tools that can be immediately applied to accelerate performance. They're fascinated by the potential of individuals and teams, and dedicated to helping people bring their very best self to their career. 

Together, Michelle Burman and Julie Brophy operate Hatch Talent. They bring over 40 years of experience in HR, Leadership Development and Organisational Development, and are both CliftonStrengths-certified coaches.

"We’re very excited to provide a Strengths Discovery workshop at Rethink Retreat as we know that understanding and applying strengths is the most direct path to increased performance and fulfillment in all areas of work and life."


Topic: Managing Stress & Burnout

Rebekah is passionate about helping those she works with create their own unique equilibrium of wellbeing and realigning themselves to show up in their authenticity.

Rebekah is an Organisational Psychologist specialising in wellbeing – the delicate balancing act between the various resources we have that nourish us, and the challenges we face in life that are no longer serving us.

"I am passionate about helping those I work with better understand their wellbeing, acknowledging what enhances it and addressing what detracts from it. To inspire others to navigate a pathway forward that brings them into greater alignment with their authentic self."



Topic: Authenticity & Vulnerability

Lisa describes herself as a human activator, helping others reconnect to their own value, their true worth and their own unique genius. She loves inspiring others to revolutionise their inner worlds, through creating fearless spaces in which to thrive, and realise this in your outer world.

Lisa specialises in bespoke coaching plans and is qualified in neuro-linguistic programming, breathwork and timeline therapy. These specialist skills are used to shed old limiting beliefs, break through self-sabotaging patterns, and fearlessly pave your own purposeful path at home, at work and all areas of your life.

"What deeper layers are there to our stress, beyond the day-to-day juggling act and how do we bring ourselves into greater alignment? I look forward to co-facilitating two workshops with Rebekah Dawson where we will explore the answers to these questions, and more."


Topic: Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness

Those who have known Jonathan for any length of time know that he is passionate about making a difference, a passion that he translates into teaching and mentoring.  He knows how lonely it can be at the top, and the challenge of balancing work with family and other commitments. 

Jonathan is an experienced business leader, having established DETA Consulting, now New Zealand’s largest consultancy specialising in energy management and sustainability strategy. Jonathan is a Chartered Professional Engineer and active member of the Institute of Directors.

"What excites me about the Rethink Retreat is the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, and help to empower women to be the best that they can be!"


Topic: Values based Time Management

Robin believes that deep down, everybody wants to excel and that people need to be challenged before they will change. Anyone that has met Robin will have heard him say that he is a ‘behaviorist at heart’. He genuinely cares not only about what people learn, but more importantly what people DO with what they learn. 

Robin is a specialist in his industry with over 30 years’ experience and is considered one of New Zealand’s foremost Adult Educators. He holds a National Certificate in Business Studies, a Diploma in Adult Teaching and a Certificate in Training and Development.

“I have made it my life’s mission to teach, coach, and mentor both emerging and experienced leaders to be the best version of themselves – professionally and personally. I look forward to meeting the retreat participants to help them realise their greater potential.”


Topic:  Self Awareness & Empowerment

Energy, curiosity and enthusiasm are probably the words that are most often used to describe Fiona. Having spent the last 10 years in Christchurch and previously from Ireland, Fiona has experienced a significant amount of personal and professional transformation.  "Not always fun, but privileged enough to say I’ve learned from it all and am doing my best to own my life and make the most of it!"


She is a Transformative Coach and Trainer and her business Cara Consulting focuses on the power and positive impact of Conscious Leadership in how we lead ourselves and other people. She believes that 'where attention goes, energy flows, transformation shows'.

"I’m really excited about the Rethink Retreat because I genuinely believe that everyone has what they need within them and I know that this retreat will help those who attend to reveal and take steps towards what they are truly capable of."