Day 1

Strengths Discovery Workshop


Looking to learn more about positivity?


Whether you want to know more about how to use your strengths to succeed, or how to help someone harness theirs, you've come to the right place.


After you register you will receive an email inviting you to do a CliftonStrengths online assessment.  You will then receive your own personal strengths report to read through before the start of the Retreat. 

Completing the online assessment is your way to:

  • discover what you naturally do best

  • learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths

  • use your personalised results to maximize your potential


Michelle Burman and Julie Brophy, owners of Hatch Talent Ltd Talent are with us today to provide the strengths discovery workshop. They bring over 40 years of experience in HR and Organisational Development and are both CliftonStrengths-certified coaches.

Strengths Discovery Workshop


I've got the report and know my strengths but what do I do with it?


During the two-hour strengths discovery workshop Michelle and Julie will explain how to use your strengths and more! You will explore your personal top 5 CliftonStrengths themes. After the workshop you will know how to use your strengths as a source of energy and to refer back to your strengths in day-to-day life. 


Pilates & Balance sessions


Every day during the retreat starts and ends with physical activity.  Abbey Parsons, owner and teacher at Movementor Pilates will be our movement guide during the the retreat. 

When we start the day with 'Tune In' movement, we set our mind into gear, bring awareness to our physical status quo, and allow our inner chatter to quiet. Breath can and calm our central nervous system which then creates space to learn, play and grow.  


Our afternoon movement session 'Active Unwind'  will incorporate the use of Franklin Method myofascial release balls (which you'll get to take home) to energise your tissues, refine your balance and stimulate your fascial system. We will awaken movement and sensation in stagnant parts of your body which provides valuable feedback to your brain in order for any changes to be maintained.  


No prior knowledge of Pilates, Yoga or other movement modalities is necessary, we can modify and adapt for all bodies but please be sure to note any injuries/limitations on your registration form.

To conclude the first day, you can join our 60 minutes Active Unwind session to relax and clear the mind before dinner! 

Day 2

Wellbeing workshop

Time Management workshop

Self-Leadership workshop


Outdoor stretching session: Tune In


For those wanting to take advantage of our beautiful location, our day begins with an outdoor stretching session. Join Abbey for a morning Tune In where your breath will be the guide through gentle movement sequences and flow to open and release your mobility as well as bringing your mind to focus. 

The Wellbeing workshop

Our wellbeing experts Rebekah Dawson (Organisational Psychologist) and Lisa Pankhurst (The Alignment Container) kick off the second day of the Retreat. When Rebekah and Lisa share their message, you can't help but listen - particularly when it comes to their core topics of stress management and burnout prevention. 

As professional women, we are often juggling the various roles and responsibilities that make up our busy lives. What deeper layers are there to our stress, beyond the day-to-day juggling act and how do we bring ourselves into greater alignment? They will explore the answers to these questions, and more.

The Time Management workshop


After lunch we start with a fresh approach from Robin Rawson. Robin is very experienced in this subject and is incredibly passionate about his philisophy.


Robin will help you rethink the concept of time and how to make it work for you. Do you feel like you have a lot on your plate? This workshop gives you the fundamentals of good time management and how to say no nicely. 

The Self-Leadership workshop


Jonathan Pooch is a successful business owner and mentor. Over recent years he has been asking himself "What kind of leader am I?" During his session, he shares his knowledge, learnings and vision of self-leadership. 


He will show us why we should use empathy as a leadership style. The biggest challenge we have is how to use empathy as a first response when you're under pressure because in those moments, it is very easy to judge others quickly instead of placing yourself in their shoes. 


But how does it look like when you are more authentic and vulnerable in your (work) life? What will change? This session may help you find a leadership style that is more empathic and sustainable.

Active Unwind


You can join our group session to relax and clear the mind before dinner.

Day 3

Story time

Empowerment & Self-Awareness

Wine Tasting

Outdoor stretching session: Tune In 


For those wanting to take advantage of our beautiful location, our day begins with an outdoor stretching session. 

Story time: Connection is the heart

The strongest connections come from sharing your story. This retreat is about connection. An important part of connecting in any relationship is being real. And connection is the heart and soul of any person and business. That's why this morning we share some remarkable stories of the women you have met during this retreat. 

Kathryn Peat, one of the founders of Rethink Retreat, will share with us her personal story.  

She signed a modelling contract at the age of 15 years old. Whilst this should be a dream for a teenage girl, the impacts of being told that being a size 10 was 'plus size' had a huge impact on her self confidence as a young adult. Kathryn will tell us about her journey through weight, kids, relationships and how she learned to love herself. How she learned to maximise her strengths rather then trying to fix (what she believed to be) her flaws. 

Lisa Pankhurst will also share here incredible journey. The fast paced nature of life, expectations and embedded beliefs often leave us feeling as though we have lost touch with who we truly are. Lisa's story will explore our authenticity and who we are as women, beyond our roles as a business professional, partner, mother and friend. How can we move into a place where we feel a deeper alignment with our unique and true self.

Empowerment & Self-Awareness talk

Fiona Deehan, a transformative coach based in Christchurch, will help you explore how we fuel this Rethink transformation. Fiona is one-of-a-kind and its not only the positive vibe she will bring into the room but her infectious enthusiasm that will ignite the fire within you. Self-awareness is a core element of the Rethink Retreat, and while awareness is certainly the first step to change, awareness without action means nothing.

Fiona will talk about how to align intention with action. She is the last speaker of the retreat and we promise we have saved the best for last!

Active Unwind

You can join our 60 minute group session to relax and clear the mind before dinner! 

Wine tasting 

The amazing Laura from Wine Divine hosting a Wine Tasting event in the lounge.

Day 4

Sleep in, wake up, enjoy one final group pilates session.

Take a little time for yourself and head home when you're ready.

Take a beautiful gift basket home with you and leave the retreat with new experiences, new friends, a refreshed body and a clear mind.